Solar Goddesses: Baltic Mother Sun “Saule”

Rayati, and Déa blessings to everyone!

For a very long time, ever since I had first come across it, I have always been intruged and deeply drawn towards Solar Goddesses. Now, in my neo-pagan days, and I think most of us can relate, I had it very deeply drilled into my beliefs that the Sun is exclusively masculine, and for a long time I just went along with it as thought it was a fact. Later, while feeling pulled towards Goddess-centered religions and spiritualities, and also struggling with doubt with that as well, I came across the idea of a feminine Sun, or Sun Goddesses. It was something I had never heard about, and at first was understandably disturbed and confused as I was taught such a thing was wrong.I did still play around with the idea for a long while and came to the realization, suddenly one day while outside on a warm summer day, that a feminine Sun actually made complete sense to me. The way Her warmth wrapped around me, the way the sun gives life to all creatures, the way she is always present, it just made complete sense.

I went on to studying Solar Goddesses from around the world and different cultures and was very surprised to see how many there actually were, compared to what I thought before, which was that Sun Goddesses were virtually non-existant. 

There is one Goddess in particular that I think, personally, represents  the Solar Mother best, which is the Baltic Goddess “Saule.”

Saule, who’s name literally means “Mother Sun” is believed to have created the Earth, who is also believed to be the Eldest Daughter of Saule. The stars are also said to be Her “Innumerable children.” 

Saule, very fascinatingly to me, has a daughter who is also the Goddess of the Sun, particularly the Goddess of the winter sun or the lesser light (also called the Morning Star!) which does remind me much of the Holy Daughter, bringing Her light to sustain creation even when everything is dark and cold, She reminds us that this state is not a permanent one.  On this note, I also find Saule’s charateristic of Compassion to also remind me of the Holy Daughter. Saule is said to cry whenever She witnessed tradgedies on Earth, especially seeing her Sacred Serpent, the grass snake, being killed or hurt. It is said that because of these things that she cried tears of amber, a sacred stone to the Balts. 

Like most all myths surrounding goddesses, Saule’s myths also contain patriarchal writings. One in particual states that the Moon God, the husband of Saule, had raped Saule’s daughter while Saule was away. Enraged, Saule slashed the Moon God’s face, which is said to be why the moon has different phases, and why the moon and sun are never seen by each other during the day.

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I hope you enjoyed reading, Déa blessings!


Rayati, and Dea blessings!

Hello, and Rayati! I am a young girl, my name is Taylor. I have been studying Deanism for a few years now and just recently decided to officially convert to Deanism.

I started off very devoutly christian and later on rejected the faith and settled on agnosticism.

I later on found wicca, which i was happy with for a while but I didn’t really feel I fit it with that faith and dabbled in other forms of paganism and new age ideologies. I did find that I wanted a faith in which The Goddess was the pure focus of worship and devotion, as I only felt connected to The Goddess and not The God. I went from place to place searching for a faith i could truly belong to.

I found my home eventually here in Deanism after I stumbled upon the Mother God website and from there sought out other Deanists. I have no doubt in my mind that Dea has brought me back home to Her in faith.

This blog will focus mostly on prayers, Goddesses, Goddessian material and other devotional material, as well as art.

I also have a devotional blog on tumblr, called DeanicDevotions, if you wish to follow me there as well!

Dea blessings to everyone!